Welcome to Here to Health.

Here to Health is a clinic devoted to holistic health care using a combination of modalities including healthy nutrition, orthomolecular healing, herbal medicine, acupuncture and psychosomatic analysis for optimising health, mind, body and spirit.  Each approach is customised to your individual needs.  My work includes the investigation and analysis of the root causes of your condition with your collaboration in order to help you clean, maintain and nourish your body.

The body is both our vehicle and our home for our soul.  Compare how much attention we give ourselves, our bodies, our life vehicle, with the attention we give to our possessions and events outside of ourselves.  Isn't it time for a cleaning and maintenance check of our most important vehicle, our home?

Here to Health, is here to help you discover, understand and reconnect with your body in order to give it what it needs, what it is asking for.  Here to Health is about guiding you to learn about yourself, so that you can be more attuned and know what is best for you.  We work together.  The healing comes from our collaboration, I strive to learn as much as possible about you, in this process we uncover the messages and roots of the disease or conditions happening in the body.  Whether they be as a result from internal or external forces or a combination of both.

Whatever the state of your body, the body is in constant change and regrowth, that means each moment is a new opportunity to change that growth.

Holistic and Orthomolecular Nutrition

We are what we eat!?...Not quite!  Actually, we are what we eat, digest, absorb and assimilate!!  Healthy digestion is a major key to a healthy body.  After an initial intake of what your dietary habits are and an extensive questioning of symptoms and history, I will guide you on how to eat and what foods to eat that place less stress on your body and promote the cleansing and optimisation of your body, catering to your goals.  Changing our diet can be difficult, and it is a longterm experience, not a temporary diet trend, it takes a strong commitment and understanding of the reasons why certain foods are selected and others are eliminated.  Once we gain that understanding and we have re-trained our senses, we learn to love and appreciate those foods that are good for us.  Here to Health, is here to hold your hand through this, giving you the support to continue a new, healthier approach to nourishment.  I'll work with you to determine the best options available, whether you have the time to spend on cooking your own meals, or you need to make the most out of the food court options.  The nutritional consults often also involve the introduction of vitamin and mineral supplementation as well as recommendations for herbal approaches to healing that correspond to your individual nutritional imbalances.  Kitchen makeovers is an additional service which will help you get a good head start...if you don't have junk in your home, you won't be reaching for it!  I'll help you sort out what can stay and what needs to go and re-stock with good, nutrient dense foods in your home.



Qi, the flow of energy, travels through our body to nourish each part of our bodies.  When it is blocked or moving too fast, the body's balance of qi is disrupted and dis-ease can begin to manifest.  Acupuncture is concerned with re-adjusting that flow of Qi, to unblock the blockages and to turn down the flow where it is too rapid.  Acupuncture is a safe and effective method in treating a number of acute and chronic conditions.  Acupuncture involves the administration of very fine, sterile, one-time-use, needles at varying depths into the body tissue.  It can be used for a range of issues, including stress reduction, to quit smoking, raising energy levels, pain management and healing injuries.  Results can often be experienced after even 1 to 3 sessions and vary with each indvidual and condition. 

Psychosomatic Analysis (Mindbody Connection)

Feeling disconnected with your body? 
The body is constantly trying to speak to us.  The body uses the composition of tissues, physical formation and posture as the language in which it communicates with us.  Getting to learn this language and understand what our bodies tell us will open up what has been deeply rooted inside.  Body Mind analysis can reveal the balance of energy within our bodies and in relation to the world, past and present.  A psychosomatic analysis session involves a lengthy examination of your physical body, from head to toes, posture, tissue composition, tissue distribution and left/right, front/back, top/bottom balance.

Emotional Release Body Work

What happens after the Psychosomatic Analysis?  What do you do about what your body is saying?  In these Emotional Release sessions, specific energy points pertaining to the seven Chakras are opened to allow the release of energy trapped inside, the emotions that cause the buildup of tissue.  These sessions are very intensive both physically and emotionally but after the session, a large weight is lifted and you become more free from the knots that hold you back.

Fee* and Treatment Structure

Initial Nutritional Intake Appointment (per program): $180 (2-3 hours)
Follow-up Nutritional appointments: $100 (~1 hour)
Kitchen Makeover: $200
Shopping Guide: $100 per hour

Body Work:
Mind-Body Analysis: $300 (~3 hours)
Mind-Body Analysis including One Emotional Release Session: $400 (3 + 1 hours)
Emotional Release Bodywork: $150 (1 hour)
Acupuncture Treatment: $40 (30 - 45 mins)

Special Programs:
Smoke Cessation Acupuncture Program: 6 sessions over 3 weeks ($200)
"When the Going Gets Tough": Digestive and Elimination Program
Prenatal and Fertility Programs

* Sliding Scale and Energy Exchanges are available

About Me

I graduated as a Certified Nutrition Practitioner from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto.  I am registered with the IONC with the designations of RNCP and ROHP (www.ionc.org).  I also hold an Hon. B.Sc. in Zoology and Master of Forest Conservation from the University of Toronto. Believing strongly in the interconnectedness of the environment, nutrition, psychology, spirit and health, I take a multidisciplinary approach in my thoughts and questions of health and well-being.  In my practice, my goal is to educate, empower and optimise the overall health of my clients.  I believe nutrition and orthomolecular health (finding the right nutrients for your body) is very powerful in helping heal and transform the body to it's best potential, regardless of the issues or conditions of the individual.  Although my practice is generalised for any condition as it pertains to the individual and not to the disease, I have a strong interest in prenatal, postnatal and pediatric nutrition.  I coordinated much of the research in the recently published book Sproutright, by Lianne Phillipson-Webb, detailing nutrition for healthy conception through to the toddler years, as well as given workshops to parents on children's nutrition at York Region Public Schools.  Being a holistic practitioner I also incorporate acupuncture and mindbody analysis in my practice wherever it is beneficial.  I believe having an open mind to a holistic approach is important for optimising the health of, body, mind and spirit as they cannot be separated from each other.


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House calls and after hours available (extra fees may apply)